Real Estate Law

We provide comprehensive advice whether you want to sell a property, buy it, rent it or legalise its situation in terms of registration and urban planning.

At Civil Four we are experts in Real Estate Law, and that is why we offer to accompany you through the whole process of buying, selling, legalizing, renting, “registering” or reforming your property. We put our lawyers at your disposal to provide you with the right advice and carry out all the necessary procedures.

How does it work?

  1. We analyze the administrative, town-planning and legal-registry information of the property
  2. We submit applications and requests and carry out the appearances to obtain all the information about the property
  3. We prepare private contracts, reservation documents, deposits, notarial deeds, and all kinds of legal tools
  4. We act before the Public Administration to defend your interests if necessary
  5. Once everything is in order, we assist you with the signing at the Notary’s office and carry out the necessary registration procedures


No win, no fee. In Real Estate Law cases we will only charge you if we win.

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