Bankruptcy – “Fresh start”

We manage the legal, procedural and judicial procedures so that you can extinguish your debts

If you are going through a complex financial situation, at Civil Four we take care of the entire process and negotiate on your behalf so that you can restructure your financial situation in accordance with the law.

How does it work?

  1. We analyse the feasibility of your case
  2. If it is feasible, we prepare the out-of-court request for payment and we will accompany you to the notary to appoint an insolvency mediator
  3. Once appointed, we will prepare the out-of-court payment agreement
  4. We will have a meeting with the mediator and the creditors
  5. If we reach an agreement, a deed will be signed and you will have to meet the plan. If there is no agreement, the mediator will file for insolvency proceedings and the mediator will become the insolvency administrator
  6. When the insolvency proceedings end, we can request the release of all or part of the debt


Our rates in second chance cases are competitive and transparent.

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