Carlos Andrade Quintero

Carlos Andrade Quintero Lawyer

Civil and Administrative Law

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Carlos Andrade has a degree in Law from the University of Malaga, where he obtained fifteen honors and seven A grades. After graduating from law school, he spent a few years competing for the position of Property and Mercantile Registrar, which gave him an in-depth knowledge of private law.

He also has a postgraduate degree in Legal Practice, and a university expert degree in Bankruptcy Law from the International University of Andalusia and has been registered in the Public Defense Service since 2013.

Professionally, Carlos worked in different law firms in Málaga and Vélez-Málaga before joining, in 2015, the LEM Abogados project, and since then, the three partners have continued working together in the same direction and forming the team that today constitutes the new Civil Four project.



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